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Industrial color sorter Image and algorithm processing system adopts DSP+FPGA international advanced processing technology. Complex algorithms of color and space combined with various patterns Provide "color selection + shape selection" function for different materials. Various modes are set freely, and ten thousand kinds of materials are selected at random.
Rice color sorter
Original spray nozzle and valve drive mode.
The use of professional high-speed valve, high frequency response, low power consumption, longer service life;
Reduce consumption, faster response, more precise strike, smaller output and larger output.
The service life is more than 10 billion times.
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Rice color sorter
The leading LED optical design system has multiple light sources to adapt to different materials.
Track color sorter
Solving the problem that LED light source leads to high temperature due to long time use.
Large loss, short life and so on.
Ensure that LED light source is durable at constant temperature.
Coarse grain color sorter

According to the different color selection materials, we choose different slideways to ensure that the material glides more evenly and reduces the ratio of discharge.
Tailor-made excellent products for customers

Hundred characteristic selection machine supports customization
At present, the company has a complete range of products, according to the different requirements and scope of application of customers, tailored to customers with unique quality products! We sincerely hope that the new and old customers will come to our company to win a win-win situation.
core technology
Image and algorithm processing system
DSP + FPGA international cutting-edge processing technology, color and space combined with a variety of complex patterns algorithm, for different materials to provide "color + shape selection" function, a variety of modes set freely, 10,000 kinds of materials optional choice
Camera image acquisition system

Import high precision camera lens to ensure the image is clear and accurate.
It adopts imported high-precision 4096pixel high speed linear CCD, high definition recognition and high-speed sorting.
Original spray nozzle and valve drive mode.
Adopt professional high-speed air valve, high response frequency, low power consumption, long service life; reduce gas consumption, faster response speed, more accurate strike, small take-out ratio, large output. The service life is more than 10 billion times.
Light source system

The design of LED optical system leading, various light optional to adapt to different materials; solve the LED light source is used for a long time which leads to the problem of high temperature, high loss, short service life, ensure that the LED light source temperature durable

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